USC vs Utah FULL GAME | NCAAF Week 7 | College Football Season 2022-23

USC vs Utah FULL GAME | NCAAF Week 7 | 2022-23 College Football Season

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  1. 59:19 boy we're us fans upset. LATE whistle to blow it dead. Endless delays and the refs not making sense nor explaining everything. I'm sure 99% of the stadium didn't even know targeting was an option in that first replay until they announced it. Boy did us in Rice Eccles hate those refs. We let em have it.

    Oh also. 1:41:09 tell me that 70 on USC doesn't hold. Like that is the definition of holding. RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REF. AND THEY DON'T CALL IT. LIKE SERIOUSLY!

    1:57:58 us near the north end zone on the west side saw this and thought he tried to get back in and they moved him off the field saying nah, you can't play man.

    2:17:23 this is why USC lost if anything. They never used their timeouts when they needed too. They let us run out the clock and give them less time. They should've been calling timeouts on 1st & goal on.

  2. USC fans, just eat your vegetables, drink your boba & lay off football. Utah been feeding on you sissies 2 years now. Your tears are nourishment to real men. Fuck your sorry excuses.

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