Use Deo, Dye Grey Hair, Only One Inch Of Midriff

Use Deo, Dye Grey Hair, Only One Inch Of Midriff

Air India has updated its cabin crew handbook

New Delhi:

Tata-owned Air India has updated the dress code for its cabin crew. One point in the refreshed guidelines is that male cabin crew with a depth of hair and bald patches must appear clean-shaven or bald.

The airline asked its cabin crew to follow the guidelines almost immediately. Hundreds of cabin crew members, however, will take time to adjust to the new norms, news agency ANI reported citing unnamed Air India sources.

“Air India is the only airline in the country which has been serving the world for many decades. Representation and crew image is not up to international standards. The new management wants to change the perception of flyers,” ANI quoted one as saying. of the formula.

“Bald appearance is permitted for crew with male pattern baldness. Crew must maintain a complete bald look with U and V shaped hairlines on the crown, visible scalp and large bald patches. Heads must be shaved daily for a clean appearance. Crew cuts are not permitted in the cabin. The crew handbook says.

The guidelines, published as the “Cabin Crew Handbook,” also state, “Unpleasant lounging should be avoided while in crew and decorum should always be maintained while in uniform. Quiet conversation is always appreciated.”

In October last year, Tata Sons regained control of Air India nearly 70 years after nationalisation. The government has selected software conglomerate Salt as the winning bidder for the airline.

Air India will gradually induct 30 new aircraft from December this year, including five wide-body Boeing planes, as the airline looks to boost its domestic and international services.

With input from ANI

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