Vegetarian Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss | Veg Keto Meal/Diet Plan


Veg Keto Meal/Diet Plan For Weight Loss | Vegetarian Keto Diet Meal Plan India | Keto Diet For Weight Loss – Vegetarians | Full day …

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  1. Vicky!! This is the perfect one for me…I have a ligament tear in my leg and unable to do much. You are helping so many people change their lives for better…Thanks is a small word!

  2. Love your video it's simple and easy meals to 😊, I just started on keto diet , can you make 1 for people that are not vegetarian please. 😊❤

  3. I had followed ur egg deit and variour wait loss recepi and reduced 10-13 kg in 2 i want to loss 10 kg more… is it possible to follow keto deit..plz rply me totally confused..

  4. Hi Vicky. For vegans if I start on keto diet and then in between if i get bored can i switch between ur egg diet plan and valentine day plan?? Can we do that or do we need to stick to Keto if we are doing Keto?? Please advise

  5. Hi vicky, ma'am i am a pcos patient and i m obese, jaha tk mujhe smjh aya hai in ketogenic diet we dont hv to use carbs at all and only protien and fats?? Right?? I can replace paneer with chicken or chicken with paneer?? I mean i can just swap it? Whenever i get bored?? And as u hv told in the video that it is for pcos patients too then ill be starting it from tomorrow. But plz do reply me ki maine jitna iss video ko smjha hai wo thik hai ya nahi??? Plz do reply me

  6. Hi mam! I am following this diet for 10 days now and have lost 4.5kg already and hoping to lose more in the next 20 days. Thank you so much for this. Now I am worried if I will gain back weight when I start eating normally. How to maintain the reduced weight after this diet is over and what can I eat on the break day 15th day of this diet .

  7. Mam I m 63 kg and 24 yrs old,I hv weeding on December I wanted to b 50 to 52 kg please kindly suggest me which diet is best for me plz help me mam

  8. Hi, I i have hypo thyroid.. what type of diet plan is suitable for me. And all u r videos are very useful. I thank u for all u r videos. pls advice diet for thyroid. I am over weighg too.

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