1. As for the type of helicopter, yes it has high numbers of crashes to it's name, but that is because of the number of them produced, how many Toyota Camry or Ford f150 crashes are there? Every tour flight I took was in a Robinson r44, the only other helicopter I was in was a Blackhawk.

  2. Main rotor probably chopped the tail rotor off… The FAA wants to regulate the RC hobby out of existence and shut down hobby drones who both have stellar safety records, But they’ll never do anything to fix general aviation, medivac, or go after Robinson, all who have absolutely abysmal safety records! Money talks folks…

  3. Robinson series of helicopters should all be grounded permanently by the FAA. I have over 9000 hours flying helicopters and would never fly one of these cheap death traps. Prayers to the families and these two victims who lost their lives.

  4. They have a really bad safety record I would not get in one my father was a aircraft engineer he would not set foot in a bonanza for that same reason

  5. Robinson makes dangerous aircraft, and they know it.
    You can look up videos of news crews trying to interview the company owners over known deadly defects and all they do is hide.
    Many deaths have occurred in Robins that would have been easily survivable in other helicopters… word to the wise, stay away.

  6. My condolences…
    But this was a ticking time bomb waiting to explode! I live in downtown Charlotte.
    Every time these choppers fly right above my home I cringe because… all you have to do is listen to the sound the aircraft is making while in flight! Scary! Is there no maintenance on these choppers? I’ve been saying that 1 would crash right near if not over us for a long time now. Sorry for the loss.

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