Verstappen and Hamilton Clash And The Top 10 Onboards | 2022 Sao Paulo Grand Prix | Emirates

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  1. Verstappen style is just either let me by or none of are getting out of this….all the other drivers are scared of him and don’t race him on their own terms except for Lewis. He’s not afraid of him and gives max a run for his money.

  2. Considering what happened with the contact between Lando and Leclerc, it's crazy to think Lando DNF'd and Leclerc finished P4, almost like karma

  3. Carlos with insane corner overtakes, charles with the mega comeback drive, but sad when ferrari are on point and redbull arent, somehow merc is there so challenge for the lead, like in silverstone

  4. Ocon didn’t come here to make friends let’s just say that

    And the Hamilton verstappen crash, from Max’s point of view he literally just shunted into Lewis’s LOLOLOL

  5. At first I thought it was Ocons fault for moving, then i thought it was Alonsos fault for not moving soon enough but now that i watch this Ocon misses the apex. The regular line drivers usually take through there usually cuts a little into the shoulder and icon stays wide of that. I know Alonso already said he misjudged but man that's not clear cut.

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