1. Go woke – Go broke

    To say it’s about money is false, it’s literally posturing how “progressive” they are – In hopes that it pays off later / down the road

  2. As people have said, Indie Games are a lot, lot more better than AAA Games, I can't even remember when was the last time I bought a AAA game. Most of indie games have new ideas and more creativity, I don't get how people get so hyped by AAA games new game in a series i.e cod, assassin creed, gta, They never innovate on the formula because they are too scared, that's why I like japanese devs more with Legend of zelda series they always innovate. Western games are all shit except the indie games. Repetitive and boring and full of microtransactions where the joy of unlocking shits are all gone.

  3. Ya know I don't think it's the developers at fault it's the lead designers and the parent corporations themselves at fault.

    If our world wasn't centered on hyper capitalism I think everything would be better

    After all think for a minute. Everything is getting worse and worse

  4. The worst thing you can do for your company is become a stock option. You are nothing but a pile of money for the investor to get more and more, morals or customer services be damned.

  5. If this thing about AAA studios doing this a lot and still there are players patronizing them is kind of problematic, I'd rather follow indie game dev.

  6. Lot of shade being thrown towards the companies and thats fair but you missed the actual cause of all this. Us. Gamers. We're the reason why the industry sucks. They tried to take an inch and we allowed them to take a yard. A companies soul purpose is to make money for itself and shareholders. In order to try and make more it means pushing the boat out. We get to decide whether or not to accept that. If we all united at the right time and said "nope, fuck off with that" we'd live in a very different gaming world. And I will definitely say mobile gamers are probably the main cause for it.

  7. Does any body actually pay attention to kotaku or polygon? Last I heard their entire business model revolved around bouncing a handful of visitors between their sites inorder to defraud advertisers.

  8. Amen!!!
    Just one thing (that you didn't point out enough), we "the gamers" should stop buy the BS that they are selling us. It is (also) in our hands (wallets) to make them change.

  9. I agree with everything you said but we as gamers are also to blame, if we gamers quit buying and playing the NEW SHINY game with these micro transactions action to show the company's we are not going to waste our time or money on their bad games.

  10. Very few games nowadays are good such as resident evil village. Sonic frontier is a nice change of pace. Pokemon legends arceus honestly relit my love for pokemon. Elden ring while not perfect, was absolutely fantastic. Hoping atomic heart is good

  11. Billions of dollars acquisition money, do we get more/better game's?
    It's the industry of today, gaming has become a platform for share holders nothing more.

  12. I can sum it up for you real quick we keep buying shit so they keep making shit because we will buy it anyway and complain but still play because we are stupid and follow trends well you all do not me

  13. I am reminded of all things of a video game quote, back from the glory days of games, of the ps2 and xbox era. The game was of LucasArts fame, you know, when it wasnt a wokist propoganda machine but i digress. The quote goes something like.

    "Peace weakens us, conflict strengthens us." The game KoToR 2 a sith disguised as a neutral user of the force to a knight long bereft of her order and her knighthood.

    THIS is why games are so B A D these days, EV RHEE BODY has their niche, like EA competition games from shooters to sports. Throw them into a builder game and those coders could tell a hex code from C+. How about Bethesda? They could make a killer rpg once upon a time, put them in EAs spot and youll have the coders demanding their safe space and safety blankets. The companies have marked their territories and woe betide the uppity indie that muscles in on that turf and has the AUDACITY to make something mediocre, 10 times better than anything they make today and refuse to sell out. Do so and they'll spend the farm, sacrifice the CEOs forstborn son and career to bury that indie under litigation slapping a billion dollar band aid rather than meet the mediocre bar set.

    You want good games? Dont sell out unless its life and death, dont give into fear and pressure, stand up, fight back, use their blind spots and social media the REAL media to get your game our into the zeitgiest, dont buy mediocre no matter the genre, the game, the DLC. Force them to risk parachute and business when they flop, as i expect Fallen order and ES6HF to due to half ass phoning in the game for graphical fedelity. Sj9w them with your wallets that bad game net only failure and DEMAND your government close the bail out check books until they show reasonable skills at risk versus reward.

  14. A lot of companies burned the best artists they had. The first time I started noticing what was going on was years ago when modern warfare 2 came out they burnt the whole studio(infinity ward) on bonuses over like .3 meta score and it had a mass walk out. Things like this took place in a bunch of companies. The companies have pretty much been copy and pasting the badasses of olds work over and over again with different coats of paint. They wont come up with nothing new because they are just masses of skeleton crews that say yes.

  15. Im so glad titles like Kingdom Come Deliverance showed the gaming world that you can be VERY successful even without following the "norm"

  16. Simple, huge monetization/greed company, more competitive, more dev going to mobile games, cuz back again to huge monetization/greed

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