vivo X80 Pro Follow Up: Two Months with A GREAT Phone

TEAM SGG PATREON vivo X80 Pro two months later! This ranks high as one of the best phones of 2022. The X80 Pro is a monster camera performer, has some advanced lifestyle features and is a POWERFUL premium pocket computer. Sharing some thoughts about using it for a few months, it was A VERY nice experience. X80 Camera Video 1 (Intro)
X80 Camera Video 2 (Upgrades)
X80 Camera video 3 (Confrontation)
Juan’s Phone Photography Book

SomeGadgetGuy’s Equipment List Panasonic G85
Panasonic G9
Sigma 16mm f/1.4
Olympus 17mm f/1.8
Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8
RED Wireless GO II
Audio Technica Lavalier
Focusrite 6i6 audio interface
Shure SM57 microphone
Cloudlifter CL1
LED light panels
Elgato HD60 S

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  1. Thank you for your detailed descriptions. It is always great to watch your videos and I always learn something new. Do you know however, what are the resistance features of the phone? Could you please explain in details, do I need to set up additional camera lens protector? Is the camera lens scratch resistant? What about the gimbal if for example I use the phone GPS on my motorbike? Is the camera gimbal vibration resistant and may these vibrations influence the gimbal life span? Thank you in advance, best wishes

  2. I love your brutal honesty and it's refreshing to see a technology channel being real about the type of stuff companies do and the way the fanboys react. I love it! I have no idea how you have 150k subs when you should easily have millions. Definitely one of My favorite channels to check for any phone I'm thinking about. Keep it up!

  3. Am just curious about updates, like how many years will they support. Really a good phone but I want this phone for more than 3 years๐Ÿคธ

  4. I want to buy this smart phone
    Many youtubers says battery backup is not good it's very bad
    And also say it's going to heat up
    So you tell me bro
    Is battery backup is good or bad

  5. I'm still very skeptical about smartphone cameras… Yes, they are becoming excellent, but… I have a Huawei p40 pro. It's ranked 12th by dxo mark for smartphone cameras, ahead of the s22 ultra.

    It's by far the best camera I ever had on a smartphone. But it's NO WAY near my Sony Rx100 m2 that I had, or my lumix gf7 in details and color science…

  6. Thank you for your great coverage on this phone. I'm holding off just a while longer for the x80 Pro+ and for more info about the Xiaomi 12s Ultra. I intend to sell off all but one of my mirrorless cameras as I enjoy the freedom offered by mobile devices while out and about. With some time investment in the camera app, it should produce excellent results.

  7. Hi Juan. I have a dilemma and I hope you can help me choose.
    In terms of main camera and selfie camera which one would you choose for a decent AND above average everyday in terms of quality, sharpness, dynamic range, low noise, low light, natural/real-life tones and video stabilization for their specs and optimisations:
    1. OnePlus 9 w/ EIS (Sony IMX689)
    2. Realme 9 Pro+ w/ OIS (SonyIMX766)
    3. Poco F4 w/ OIS ( unknown sensor).
    Also, taking into account the company that is faster in updates, community support and current device optimisations. Please help. THANKS.

  8. that fingerprint sensor is awesome !

    My Huawei P40 Pro has 1 Camera and 1 IR 3D depth sensor, so my phone automatically opens up, as soon as I LOOK at it.

    Also this neat feature on this phone is; if its unlocked, and you don't look at it, it will lock (within your screen timeout timing), but if within that time LOOK at your phone, it can detect that, and refresh the screen timeout

    really smart stuff – shame Huawei got killed off for 2 years by US so far..

  9. Do you think the many comments on overheating issues are exaggerated or even fake? It's the only thing holding me back

  10. I loved the reviews of the X80 Pro. I can't wait to see if you review the new Xiaomi 12S Ultra to see how the 1" sensor on the main camera compares to the X80 and to standalone cameras.

  11. Awesome video. Such a wonderful toy you got there; if I see one cheap, I might get one lol. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the Xiaomi 12s Ultra that came out recently. I was reflecting on your videos when a ni.m.rod. who came out on another YouTubers video was talking about the Sony Xperia phone running too hot and being unmanageable for use in 95 degree weather ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝ. Didn't Samsung have the same problem with the S22 Ultra? Don't all phones with 888s and 8gn1s have that problem? You are a gem man and your hard work is always paying off. Glad you are here man.

  12. I had it and send it back.
    Too many issues with this device. Constantly warm while doing basic tasks. The camera in full auto is hit and miss. I can shoot 2 pictures 1 second apart and they come out totally different.
    Skin smoothing combined with oversharpening sometimes…
    It can produce amazing pictures but consistency is not there.
    Fingerprintsensor is just THE best overall. Loved it.

  13. is this phone support display output like motorola edge+ or oneplus phone, or it doesnt support the feature like most xiaomi phone? im considering this phone over regular X80 due to specs sheet from GSMArena stated this phone has USB Type-C 3.1, while regular X80 only has USB 2.0. but if it doesnt have display output, might be a deal breaker to me. the camera is very good though.

  14. I've been waiting on the dual fingerprint sensor for a while now!! I would love to see someone do a side mount and back fingerprint sensor along with the dual finger optical sensor.

  15. I managed to snag an x70 pro plus with FunTouch awhile back and I've been happy with the hardware and software. I've noticed a few instance where apps randomly don't open and that only started with the June update but it seems like it's not an issue now. The cameras though I'm impressed with. There's so much versatility in the phone that it makes you want to experiment more so I'm very happy with that purchase.

  16. FINALLY. That dual fingerprint scanner function is something I've always wanted on phones.
    I recently got an LG v50s with the dual screen, and imagine having both a front and back fingerprint scanner, or a front and side scanner, where you can use both for more secure unlocks.

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