Vivo X80 Pro Review: The HDR Champ


Those of you who watch or read my work may know that I had a very high opinion of the Vivo X70 Pro Plus – I thought it was the…

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  1. Really appreciate your videos, very thorough and in depth. What's your current opinion on the Vivo X Fold still? Love foldables, going to be getting a X Fold next week and comparing it to my Z Fold 4. I also really like the X Note it looks really nice. Out of all 3, the Z Fold 4, X Note and X Fold which would you personally choose? Appreciate the channel and uploads.

  2. Do try 1080p videos from the Vivo X80 Pro at night. I have a Vivo X80, and I know the sensor is different, but I hope the processing would have a similar trend. In my X80, 1080p is much cleaner than 4k, which is usually the opposite of what happens in iPhone, as I've tested on my old iPhone XS and also cousin's 13 Pro Max. It seems like Vivo X80 is pixel binning in video too when dropped to 1080p. It makes for a great indoor lighting shooting experience too see brighter than real life video without much noise. Do try to check if X80 Pro also does the same. I mean, the 4k video was better than the iPhone 13 Pro in your comparison anyway, and if X80 Pro is like my X80, drop to 1080p, and you can shoot in even darker scenes without much noise.

  3. Hi Ben, watching from Australia. Really enjoying your reviews, the content, pacing and editing flow really nicely. I'm a particular fan of just seeing you take the device out and shooting real world scenarios.

    Would love to see a comparison between the X80 and 12S!

    Keep it up 🙂

  4. I bought this phone for 1,131 US, with tax I paid 1,300 US. But that was the first time it came out. When I checked recently on the same website it was more than that. RAM 12, ROM 256. If you were to buy the 256 variant S22 Ultra it would be more expensive than this

  5. Great video! I am so tempted to buy it now that it's available through Amazon UK. However, I hear a lot of people have issues with overheating. When it gets hot, it will throttle to the point where apps crash and operate very slowly. Seems to be a snapdragon issue – is the one you are reviewing Dimensity processor?

  6. the only problems that i found on this device , the iso highest level is 3200 while the minimum these days is 6400 and the lack of 960 fps in the slowmotion even in 720p
    i got confused what to choose between this and m4pro and axon 40ultra

  7. I've been wanting to get the vivo x80 pro as my daily driver. I've been wanting something with stellar performance and a top notch camera. 

    If I do end up getting it, I want to use it for four years or more. 

    I'm coming from a oneplus 6, which has handled its fair share of hardcore usage. From heavy multi tasking, to having its hot-spot stay on for 12 hours a day, to heavy gaming, and a phone loaded with data, Its seen it all. 

    I wanted to know whether you guys think that the x80 pro will be able to take such hardcore usage day in and out for at least 4-5 years?

    I am just a little worried before I spend all this money on a brand which I know very little about. Especially because most of the information online seems to be "sponsored" by vivo. I mean the phone does look really promising on paper. But would it be able to take this beating in real life? 

    I also heard that the vivo x80 pro heats up doing regular things such as watching YouTube videos, is this true?

  8. I think the gimbal system should be on all 3 main camera, as the main selling point of this series, one gimbal doesn't carry the full benefit when user change to other lens and it'll be shaky on video firming.

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