VIVO X80 Pro Review & Unboxing (Global Version)

VIVO X80 Pro Review & Unboxing. Vivo’s flagship recently went global, is it worth the hefty price tag? #vivox80pro #vivox80proreview 00:00 – Intro & trip disclosure 01:26 – Unboxing 01:52 – Build, fingerprint reader & screen 07:25 – FunTouch OS 12 09:02 – Bloatware & charge time 09:54 – Antutu & save speeds 10:26 – Camera 2 API 11:34 – Audio & sample 12:24 – Gaming and thermals 14:33 – The cameras with Zeiss optics 17:22 – Final words with pros and cons Don’t forget to subscribe! (It is free)

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  1. It is pretty strange that most manufacturers of Android phones (even when it comes to high-end devices) can't seem get the camera experience right. How any manufacturer can deliver EUR1300 phone that has pretty terrible performance (1080p30, no EIS, low bitrate audio) when Samsung delivers EUR500 phones like the S21FE5G that give you 4k60 with better audio on both the front and rear cams is beyond me, especially because the selfie cam is increasingly important (like it or not) these days, with video chats and social media.
    The low audio bitrate is a deliberate choice (although I don't see the point of gimping a you highest end device), but there has to be a reason why only a select few manufacturers like Apple or Samsung can offer great front facing cameras.

  2. Not sure what's with the front facing cameras in Chinese top end phone's, capping it at 1080p. Forget Samsung high end phone's, their midrange A series phone's can now record 4k30fps in front facing cameras. It's definitely not any kind of hardware limitation for even lower end SOCs like SD778 or the camera sensor being used.

  3. I keep my OP7 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11U and S22U on FHD because I get a little better battery life and really can't tell the difference.

  4. I saw in Chinese model reviews that it was not possible to switch between lenses while filming, is it the same with the global version? Thanks for the review 👍

  5. Thanks! Missed that you talk about the Video on 2x which is very bad. Otherwise I enjoy my Vivo X80Pro origin OS version.Sometimes issues when it is too bright and the screen in sunlight is too reflective.

  6. I managed to get the x70 pro plus and I'm very satisfied with the phone. I do think this phone has some minor upgrades like the custom Samsung GNV sensor but overall the two phones are almost identical, so I'm not planning on getting this global phone.

  7. When your entire YouTube audience likes you, it means they trust you. I'm sure there are quite a few of them waiting for you to release the Poco F4 review right now. Vivo X80 Pro or any other device really does not matter to anyone. Some devices are so important that it is necessary to be known to users at the very beginning of their introduction to the market. Please respect the common sense of your fans and focus on Poco F4 review.

  8. The price let's it down. I still prefer the X70 pro+ … If they could hit the 800 dollars price point, they would really give Samsung, Oppo and Xiaomi a run for their money

  9. This Vivo is Camera powerhouse of a phone phone indeed and a top price to match. Great to see the global version already available but at this price makes it more of a choice for people looking for something different from the Samsungs that don't need o great selfie camera. Good to see you get a full set of accessories in the box

  10. I am using this for a month already. The camera is impressive. Battery life can be better. A normal usage should be able to last for a day. I often have problem with unlock with finger print even though it suppose to be great. I bought for the camera reason. Hence, I do happy with the outcome. I don't do gaming. Hence, temperature isn't an issue to me. The flash charging speed is impressive for me, 15-20 min wired for full day usage is definitely great. Yes, it is expensive.

  11. I have both the S22 ultra snapdragon and vivo x80 pro Global version. Yes, the s22 ultra is more versatile with Spen, dex, and zoom. Other than that, vivo x80 pro has better cameras for sure except for zoom and selfie (used maybe 20% of the time). The cameras on this vivo can be inconsistent sometimes, but it is on a next level most of the time. Great in low light, indoors, night and extreme night. Believe it or not, I find it smoother and faster than my s22 ultra. Yes, it should have been $100-200 less, but still it is a great camera flagship smartphone. Battery is not bad if you put refresh rate on smart switch.

  12. Vivo is dreaming. They think they are Apple or…. Sony. I'd rather buy much cheaper OnePlus 10 Pro (nearly the same thing, less than $1000, better thermals etc). Good luck to Vivo selling this phone in any reasonable numbers.

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