Walker Hayes – Fancy Like (Fan Video)

Listen to β€œFancy Like: Here: https://smarturl.it/WHFancyLike Watch the ‘Country Stuff’ EP here: …

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  1. Just saw ticket prices for Portland, and oh my gosh! I'm a workin fool and I can't afford a $500 night out…Reba is my future ex-wife and I wouldn't spend that to see her on stage!

  2. The little kid near the blue car was like "this is my car now" and the girl with the the ducks the ducks were like "what are you doing?"

  3. One thing that pisses me the fuck off is that people on tiktok treat this nice man like shit for reason all he because he is "fake" country, motherfuckers if you don't like this man then shut the fuck up and mind you're God damn business. Walker is a loving father and enjoys making tiktoks with his kids and he is a nice man to everyone and you wanna treat hi. Like shit all because he is "fake" country? That is messed up in so many ways. People pay to see him perform at his shows and because they enjoy his music and like him that much and walker is a good man to his fans and brings joy to the world and you all are treating him like shit all because he is fake? Fuck off

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