1. I clicked on this video just to comment how badly I despise this song. It is the most absurd most stupid most cringe song I’ve ever freaking heard. If I died I would wake up just to shut off this song. If I could either solve world hunger or shut off this song, I would shut off the song.

  2. This song going be popular and be around a long time like achey breaky heart and just a swingin and can y’all name some more ?

  3. 😁 oh Applebees better be good to you because you definitely gifted them In A Very Honest line because I live in Starkville Mississippi and I know so many friends are this including myself proudly! You hit a home run here! It’s an awesome song that won’t leave me alone in my head but I’m not complaining! I just turn it right back on again. It is my favorite song period.😁

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