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  1. Look close. The f**king refs took control of this game from the very beginning!! Bucks were fouling with impunity. Took GS out their rhythm early. It was pre-scripted that the Bucks would sweep all 4 quarters. But one things 'fer damn sure … Golden State got s**t for a big man inside!!

  2. So glad that YouTube doesn’t show who won right away. If I wanted to just know that and not watch the game I’d look that shit up.

  3. Damn the bucks should be back to back champions right now. Overrated Celtics screwed that up and wasted their opportunity smh

  4. I feel like Giannis is a perfect mix of Lebron and Hakeem. He has the ability to get a board and run down faster than the defense and score and he's a great defender although in a slightly different way than Hakeem was. His playmaking is also not as legendary as brons but its still good and amazing in transition.

  5. Tbh i barely have steph top 15 all time. Lets be honest here outside of one season and thats a big IF bc of lebrons existence when was this man ever seen as “the best player in the world” by everyone. Its either been kd bron or giannis. He wasnt even the best olayer on his team for two chips. Yall bums cant change my mind the only thing this man did for the league was increase the amount of shots from 3 taken. Sure he changed the game but so did pete maravich with his passing. Yall should take a step back cause if kobe not top 7 on your list than curry aint top 12 fr.

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