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  1. the warriors are missing smart and defensive players. all theyre left with is a jamychal who can't shoot nor defend, rookies who are useless, wiseman who can't grab a rebound for his life and some two way players who steve blindly plays over jk and moody. yeah loads of problems.

  2. The difference in the game was the TOs, although it's not a statistic either team should be proud of. Golden State turned the ball over twenty-four times. In contrast, Indiana only turned it over eighteen times. Both teams need to do a better job of taking care of the basketball moving forward.

  3. Curry getting hurt just shows you that he’s been doing it all. I’ve never seen him get hurt other than his ankle. Father Time is catching up to him.

  4. I hate that Poole thinks he is "like" Curry. Dude really thinks he can be like Steph. THE WARRIORS NEED A ROLE PLAYER OFF THE BENCH. Play a role, not to feel like curry. Do better in the defensive end. Yeah, Poole does have good scoring nights but he is so INCONSISTENT. He has to play a role and do better on more than just one end of the court.

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