1. A win is a win but the Giants anemic offense will not get them very far in the last playoff spot.Washington is not a good team so this was a very mediocre win. Doughball still has a lot of work to do and I don’t mean the buffet line.

  2. How pathetic that the NFL can't do away with ties. If you're going to do sudden death after one possession each team just turn the clock off. Eventually someone will score. College football can figure out how to not have a tie ball game. And the NFL can't. So embarrassing… Let them play.

  3. Обе команды провели выдающийся матч в защите. При этом QB обеих команд смогли при таком сильном давлении довести несколько атак до TD.

    В очередной раз Хайнике (QB, Commanders) показал железные нервы и стальные яйца в клатче!

    Такие Commanders хочется увидеть в плей-офф. Уверен, могут там пошуметь

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