Watch Pence's response when asked if he'll support Trump in 2024

Former Vice President Mike Pence told CNN’s Jake Tapper that the Republican Party must move away from former President Donald Trump during a CNN town hall. #CNN #News #MikePence

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  1. American people are stronger and safer after the removal of that man. Who divided but never conquered the people, that the British always done for century’s. That tRump used as a weapon of war, adding to it the Fascist idea of Benito Mussolini. That used Fascism and the ideology of Adolf Hitler into American office of President.

    Never did I ever envision the United States Of America ever, ever engaging this hate of other humans, why? And loving the hatred of Fascism and the death that comes with it? Why do people love it? They think their going to be import power to the head local rebellion shit? What is it you want it to do? Extermination deportation of those you don’t like the look of? Then whatever

    Never did I ever see the American people who praised the greatest generation to live, still a few alive see this evil infest it’s shores. As a nation it should be ashamed and lining up at their doors saying sorry for the harm I have caused to you and those who’s lives just slipped out of your hands all around you!

  2. If Pence says that message was worthy that is hypocritical that the messenger wasn't worthy…Pence is incognito of the moment he's still thinking as that of Liz Cheney that the establishment politics of the old GOP isn't history.

    Populism isn't easy to kill except there's obvious means to kill it without an autopsy, autopsy here means if autopsy is needed then populism survives … people will only divorced from it if it is obviously obvious that it is a poison … and that moment hasn't come yet for Trumpism …

  3. Dodged every answer…
    Sounded like he was at a pity party or r we supposed to pity him?
    Is he saying he's democrat now, he is on cnn.

  4. Just a note from Australia, petrol/gas prices are going through the roof across the world, so I don't think Bidens party is responsible for that! 🤣

  5. OMG, the GOP treating people with respect. Trump was a horrible man, a nasty horrible man. Pence is talking Shiiiii. Everybody knows that Global Inflation is a world wide thing. Trump betrayed the West, he was funded by Putin the man who puts the Z into Evil. Pence sounds sanctimonious, he needs to grow some testicular fortitude; what the Dump did to him on January the 6th was horrible and unforgivable and yes I'm a Christian so we have to forgive; but we don't have to forgive the Devil Incarnate; the Dump!
    Grow a Spine Pence!

  6. I wanna get back to Dixie – oh how Tom Lehrer would laugh – I do wish Republicans would acknowledge that the USA is part of a global economy and the recession is not Biden fault … grrrr

  7. There will be no uniting going on.
    There’s just going to be a bigger divide. The haters will keep on hating.
    The racists will still be calling everyone racist. MSM will still promote evil and call good bad and bad good.

  8. This is why Mike Pence will never win as president. Politician’s talk and dance around simple questions. People were not happy with a trump/pence ticket or you would have won. Mike you come off as a robot, just be natural answer the question. People like leaders who give straight honest answers. Stop telling us what the American people want to hear. Just call a spade a spade. Call Trump out as a disease to the GOP and leave God out of it.

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