We Don't Talk About Bruno – Color-Coded Lyrics


Mirabel – Pink Pepa – Dark Orange Felix – Orange Dolores – Navy Blue Camilo – Green Isabela – Purple Abuela – Red YouTube …

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  1. Ninguém: Ah
    Camilo dublagem original: Isabela your boyfriend"s here
    Camilo dublagem Brasileira: Isabela seu " Boy " chegoooou

    kskskksksksskksks Camilo demais

  2. Don’t you know that’s it perfect
    I grow rows of rows and roses
    Flor de mayo by the mile
    He could have not been so absent
    Then he would grow a guy just like it said
    A hire of jacarandas strangling figs big! Hanging vines this is fine!

  3. Please fix the last part where all parts are singing. Include all color coded parts and not some please. It would be a great teaching tool for middle school show choirs

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