1. Just saying, but Ronaldo would have been slaughtered for leaving after getting a red. This type of behavior is why no one takes PSG seriously. I hope Messi sets a good example for Neymar (and Mbappe) to follow and stop them from doing this type of nonsense.

  2. Bro really thought he was gonna win the World Cup. That’s why he kept promoting the idea of this being his last World Cup and kept posting pictures of a 6th star emoji on the Brazil fútbol crest. He was overly confident during the post matches in the World Cup and then he got knocked out in the worst fashion. Not even reaching the semis.

    On top of that he’s salty he’s no longer that guy. Mbappe has overtaken him and is more valuable and a better player in the world right now.

    Mbappe is PSG not Neymar. My prediction? This is Neymar’s final year with PSG. We are seeing the fall of Neymar and it isn’t going to get better.

  3. This is corny like Neymar the only player to get a red card sports media is one of the worst out there. “hE lEfT tHe StAdIUM” I’m concerned that psg might not recover

  4. That specific Ref don't like neymar in general point blank period. If we y'all be honest everytime this Ref a psg game he always give ney a hard time an the field..✍🏼👀

  5. Ronaldo, the GOAT of diving, got almost 50 penalties diving every other game since back in his Man United days up to his last Madrid days. Yet never received criticicism the same way Neymar does.

  6. Referees simply dont like Neymar. They book him for slapping someone, however he doesnt book players that hit him. Why wont any of these pros or pundits call out the unfair treatment

  7. This generation is part of the problem! We keep making excuses for rich spoilt kids like Ney every time !! You think we the normal people doing everyday job will get away with behaviors like this at work?? Give me a break!!

  8. Imagine being Neymar, leaving Barca to get out the shadow of Messi just for him to come to PSG to steal the light cause he is magnificent 😂

  9. That's what I always say! Neymar could be the best in the world but unfortunately he wont because simply he was never been a leader. Just talent, that's all he have. He is always consumed by himself. He is so selfish and that have always contributed to brasil losses especially in the world cup (him wanting to be the "hero and saviour" taking the last penalty when every other star mbapee, messi modric took pk first)

  10. It’s not neymars fault but it is his fault. All of his antics throughout the years has made him an easy target for defenders. They know they can wind him up and get in his head pretty easy. You can’t always expect the ref to be super generous to you. He doesn’t help himself with his unnecessary and annoying overreactions to literally every single challenge. I love neymar as a player but some of the stuff he does really annoys me

  11. He dived in anticipation of the foul and he was irritable and frustrated to begin with Neymar is highly misunderstood.

  12. i love neymar but this the kind of stuff why he hasnt won a balon dor yet .. its only the mental with him .. its not the first time he gets an unnecessery red card idk what it is sometimes he looks like he doesnt care so much about playing in the ligue 1 or not taking it so serious .. so why even go there i dont understand it

  13. Honestly I didn't think mbappe's own was a pen, but that was what happened in the WC, the first pen for Argentina nd for France were soft touches

  14. Messi is like rain man, autism levels, If Messi didn't play football he might be the type to worry about him watching ur kids.. he's kinda creepy

  15. Neymar seems to me that he is too emotional after a loss, get over it, the world cup has eluded messi until he was 35

    modric didn't win it, cristiano didn't win it

    neymar is 30, messi won at 35, he can still play another one.

    tough luck but move on , you did your best, the team overall didn't, by conceding a late goal and then losing on penalties

    pick yourself up, dust yourself off and play for your club and three years time have another go at the world cup

    brazil need to change how they play, i don't think they are this elusive big team that is tough to beat anymore

    we're at a time were Croatia and Belgium beat them it's not even France or Germany or Netherlands, an above average good side in europe can beat brazil right now

    they need to make big changes to win the next one.

  16. High time players realise that there's as much to lose as there is to gain by diving in the age of VAR. Inconsistent they might have been sometimes, but VAR can be cruel and indiscriminately impartial sometimes!

  17. NO HONOR OR HEART – He is influencing kids to play like that he's a punk he needs to learn from Ronaldinho and PULISIC who gets fouled all day long and never dive

  18. Neymar criticism can go on… He was unfairly booked at first and he anticipated a touch just before he committed to the dive. Couldn't get one. That's a strikers trade

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