Wedding at the White House for Naomi Biden, President Biden’s granddaughter

shorts The Biden family celebrated the wedding of Naomi Biden, the granddaughter of the president, and Peter Neal, …

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  1. Lmao she said this is on BIDEN to pay for not his taxpayers….. she must have forgot that the taxpayers have been paying his salary for the last 40 yrs !!

  2. The Biden family does not deserve to be in the White House. Let alone hold a wedding…… I am also willing to bet the taxpayers paid 100% of the bill, but you guys will lie about that also

  3. Oh I'm sure the taxpayers paid for it somehow, whether by taxes or illegal family dealings that jeopardize and compromise the USA. Biden admitted decades ago, "You shouldn't assume I'm not corrupt…" straight from the potato's mouth.

  4. Not by taxpayers. I would hope not, he has 10s of millions from his dirty dealings with communist China by way of Hunter.

  5. Guaranteed it was paid for by tax payers that's the only money the bidens have.. well besides their money from China and Russia thanks to hunter

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