Weekend mass shootings erupt across US

At least five mass shootings took place across the country this weekend.

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  1. The American Gun laws is a disgrace..Corruption at its very best..

  2. What a fucking disgraceful deadbeat country America is 230 plus shooting in 2022 and the rebloodlicans and demacripps are having serious talks about how to take action and save lives a massive percentage of victims are BLACK we all know America is still an apartide racist country and the most brutal in terms of military brute. And still the only country ever to use weapons of mass destruction on other human beings they have military bases all over the world intimidate any country that refuses the dollar unless they can stand up for themselves i.e. nuclear super powers America you are the problem and things will change after the Ukraine war which you escalated and funded billions of Americans tax payer money just so you can place nuclear weapons on Russian border nato had sort of a pact with Russia back in the early 90's that there would be no expansion to the east and look what happened nato has land borders spanning 754 miles across northern Norway… Eastern Latvia and Estonia also Poland and Lithuania are nato members. Now they want Ukraine aswell can you blame Russia for retaliating. Look what happend when the soviet Union put nukes in Cuba right on americas door step they went to war just like the Russians have because they don't want to be surrounded by US and nato nuclear weapons. Russia are far from being a legit state there just as corrupt as America, Britain, France, Germany and the rest of the corrupt governments around the globe but there right in not wanting to be surrounded with western nuclear weapons of mass destruction the WORLD needs peace and prosperity for all!!!!!!!! Rant over✌️

  3. 32% more gun violence offences under Biden then trump and 5000 more fatal shooting in the 1st year of Bidens administration than trumps 1st year work it out ppl. It was said when the Democrats take power gun violence will rise its because they want to install fear into the American ppl its the same all over the world with governments there's never peace just violence death and planned pandemics history repeates its self over and over. Take a history lesson and work it out for yourself don't be blind WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  4. What??? Mass shootings??? In America??? No way!!! What a shock!!! How is this even news??? Isn't this just another typical weekend in the Great Ole USA???

  5. Not everyone who owns a weapon is a thug that wants to rob you of your money, or some sick person thinking about shooting a school or a grocery store.it’s just all theses events happening all together back to back especially when little 9 and 10 yrs are getting shot at

  6. No matter what color you are, you shoot at cops. You die and the family wants justice. Lmao the justice you get blame the parents of the shooter 👎

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