What An Andrew Dice Clay Presidency Would Look Like

‘Dice’ star Andrew Dice Clay says the country would look different if he were in the Oval Office. Would it? Subscribe to “The late …

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  1. I thought Stephen was uncomfortably rude to Andrew. The man is an actor & comedian who has put up with trash in his face for 40 yrs. Show some respect to your guest, sir. VERY Disappointed

  2. old school is one of the best movies of all time to me. one i've seen a million times and still good every time i see it. not surprised DICE was such a good show with the crew they had.

  3. I'm surprised Colbert had him on his show. Thought he's be eternally offended by Dice. Actually I'm surprised Dice would bother being on a show with Colbert. Lowering his standards.

  4. I don’t care what anybody says, there’s a show or some form of entertainment where this guy could be a star again. He’s got too much charisma left in him to just let him go stale.

  5. This man should've gotten a standing ovation. I bet that audience was full of millennials and the new gen kids or whatever they call themselves….his hysterical jokes wouldn't fly today, unfortunately, bc so there are so many snowflakes now and days.

  6. Love u Dice but u are talking to the biggest idiot liberal dancing without masks then supporting a administration that did the biggest blunder in America costing marine lives..

  7. The streets were safer when Trump was president. He was a great president of our time, stop listening to celebrities and the idiotic stations. They want to defund the police among other things. If you believe in things like this, oh you need the police, No FUCk you you don’t get help when you want it!

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