What can you drink on a keto diet?


What Are The Best Beverages To Drink On A Keto Diet — And Which Beverages Should You Avoid? Read the full guide at…

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  1. Thank You for this valuable information. Would you please give your advice in regards to juicing. Juicing fruits and vegetables. Which are ok and not

  2. Ok that makes a lot of sense. I drank tea to help me ween off soda years ago. I have put 1 teaspoon of brown sugar in a 850ml bottle which I fill 3 times a day. So I guess I will work on taking out the sugar. Some one told me about Stivia but I am not sure what it is or what it breaks down into. If it is friendly is it Keto friendly?

  3. Great info, Doc. I drink carbonated water. No carbs or calories, yet still gives me those bubbles that I enjoyed with soda!

    29 weeks into Keto/I.F. and I've lost 75lbs, dropped my resting pulse from 102 to 81bpm, my glucose from 136 to 98 and my A1C from 6.9 (with Rx's) to 5.4 (without Rx's).

    Keto/I.F. works. 85lbs to go!

  4. I'm your fan since almost the beginning. May i ask have you been speedily aged lately? 🤔😑

    I think i just saw you fresh and young 5-6 yrs ago. 😑

  5. My A1c has dropped from a 13.6 to 6.7 my blood pressure and blood sugar are wonderful and my labs from last week even had my Dr excited. I do a good bit of diet soda. And tea with 0 carb liquid sweetner. I'm always under 25 carbs sometimes way under! And last month I didn't drop one pound. I've been so discouraged. Any advice for me? I've read caffeine can slow your weight loss. Could it be the diet sodas?

  6. I'm surprised you recommend alcohol more than soft drink.. just interesting to me. I would have guessed alcohol does more damage internally but I'm no expert

  7. There are more and more friendly low carb beers on the market. Plus when choosing beer over spirits you usually urinate more, so in essence your body expels many of toxins quicker. Stay under 20 grams and you are good to go.

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