1. So just to clarify guys, the head of the Spartan 4 program is NOT Jun. it’s a spartan 2 who’s body rejected his augments so he is basically an old, wheelchair-bound rear admiral

    Thanks for all the likes BTW it helps the videos reach new viewers (thanks YouTube’s weird algorithm)

  2. Honestly bro, Duch was my favorite from the ODST squad. His personality was just funny and he had some good dialog in ODST I'm just glad he didn't die or anything

  3. As of Halo 5, the ultimate answer to what happened to Buck is he became a Spartan and stopped leading people. I suspect that if Spartan Locke wasn't added to the game, Jun might've returned to the franchise and been the leader of Osiris team. Not only does he have the right mindset to chase Chief down, he knows Chief better than the Spartan 4s. It would've definitely meant that people would've been less hateful of the campaign having a central focus on going to arrest Chief. There's also a chance that Jun may even try to reason with Chief more than Locke did. Despite grudges undoubtedly born from years of being defeated during training, he definitely admires and respects John-117. Mainly because John defeated the Covenant, the Flood, and killed the Didact. At least, that's my assumption of his personal feelings concerning Master Chief.

  4. Sad chapter. But well made. Life is not about point and shoots the alien anymore. Everything change, even the gamer who plays the game. Their knowledge broadens, along with sympathy and a deeper understanding of human nature, and society. All this go better with ages.

  5. Something about ODSTs just hit so much harder, begin the best they can be and yet still not enough, so reliable yet so fragile. I love them more than anything in halo

  6. Analysis showed that the Insurrection was escalating. Some UNSC went over to the Innies, they attacked civilian targets. More and more bloody. The SPARTANs were made to End the Insurrection.

  7. Mickey is probably the one guy I can relate to the most. I would have done the same as he did. But buck is also one of my favorite characters.

  8. I just,I feel for Mickey,I completely understand his deterioration,and I do not hold his betrayal against the unsc against him,he was a child,22 when all of this happened and it’s hard

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