What polls are saying ahead of Tuesday’s U.S. midterm elections

#midterms #eletions #Biden #yahoofinance Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman reports on the midterm elections and whether voters will create a red wave or a red ripple. Don’t Miss: Valley of Hype: The Culture That Built Elizabeth Holmes VIEW HERE:

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  1. I'm so glad you did an analysis on the situation. Thank you for your valuable perspective! So appreciated. Keeping long term in mind and grateful for any short term that works out! When we had the bullrun people were claiming it would go to at least 100k. Some said 120k, 160k, 180k, and some people even claimed the peak would be at 400k. Did any of those happen? No. Now people are claiming we can go to 17k, 14k, 12k, 9k, and even 5kand they keep speculating. I think the bottom at 17k or 14k is highly probable, but not any lower. It is even possible that the bottom is in. People anticipated an extremely high bullrun, now they anticipate an extremely low bear. It's just emotions running high. I believe that due to the Covid crash the high didn't go as high as it could and should have, now I am expecting the opposite, it isn't going as low as it can because we didn't go as high as we could. In all honesty, I don't care if it goes lower, I will just buy more. If it goes higher I will buy more as well. Next bullrun is where I'm going to sell. Now I just need to buy, buy and buy some more. Selling is not an option at these low prices. I'd invite those people who still in doubt and pain to follow these basic rules you and Kyle Miller’s teachings to acquire trading caution and confident. INVEST HODL and TRADE is the way. We all have to consider day trading in this kind of market situation and make even if it's as little as 10% trading daily and see what that gives in a week. So far going into Trading my crypto assets with the guidance and teachings from my Investment Advisor Kyle Miller. I've been able to day trade and accumulate over 13.2 btc from 2.8 btc trading with his accurate trading signal. <<yougotthisProf Kyle can reached out on ͲeIєɠɾαm KyleMiller3 or What'sapp✙17242680356 for more statistics on how to invest trade your crypto assets and earn with his accurate trade signal.

  2. On the topic: "Elections" and "Off to the Capitol / Parliament"

    Where are the video recordings of the installed, stationed surveillance cameras? Those criminal pigs only showed > their < specifically selected and cropped mobile phone cameras and commissioned mobile cameramen! Surely such a high office must have multiple still cameras 24/7! Where are the recordings of the approximately 5 murdered people in the Capitol?

    In german:

    Zum Thema: "Wahlen" und "Auf zum Kapitol / Parlament"

    Wo sind die Videoaufzeichnungen der installierten, stationierten Überwachungskameras? Jene kriminellen Schweine zeigten nur > deren < gezielt ausgewählten und beschnittenen Handykameras und beauftragte mobile Kameramänner! Ein so hohes Büro muss sicherlich rund um die Uhr mehrere Standbildkameras haben! Wo sind die Aufnahmen der etwa 5 Ermordeten im Kapitol?

    In russian:

    На тему: «Выборы» и «В Капитолий / Парламент»

    Где видеозаписи установленных, расквартированных камер наблюдения? Эти уголовные свиньи только показывали > свои < специально отобранные и обрезанные камеры мобильных телефонов и заказные мобильные операторы! Конечно, в таком высоком офисе должно быть несколько фотокамер 24 часа в сутки 7 дней в неделю! Где записи примерно 5 убитых в Капитолии?

  3. We all know Yahoo is all about democrats and their money hoarding anti-white slave owners with 5 million new in the shadows labor slaves

  4. The main reason the world economy is struggling is that the dictator Putin started the war. Still, some naive peoples support Putin's friend, convinced that Republicans will magically change the economy.

  5. 75 percent certain this is already over. Life is hell, and the Democrats haven't seemed to notice so…. What else is there to expect, it's over.

  6. The USA, the greatest country in the world. 😅😂🤣
    It is a joke, a monster. The Republicans hate The Democrats and actually think it`s ok to attack an old man in his own home.
    The Democrats hardly have any clue what they are doing, but at least they won`t resort to the condoning of physical violence.
    I always wanted to have a return tour of the states, but with such a fucked up country, never in a million years.

  7. Democrats already rattling on about how we gotta be patient or it will take time to tally the votes?? Bullshit! 99% of votes should be counted and tallied on the night and the results by morning at the latest! Funny games played by those who try to drag it out. I estimate a few extra boxes of votes come out of the wood work for the democrats. We all know what they have been at since covid and pushing the mail in voting.
    Each person should have to go in by person and have ID unless they are physically unable.


  9. Americans now has to choose between a democratic or a communist dictatorship, between a old fart and a clown.
    What a show right after the brazilian comedy show. This world is fun, a looney earth.

  10. Democrats destroyed.

    It's the only prediction necessary.

    D-Day: T-minus less than 24-hours…and counting.

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