White House Down

Capitol Police Officer John Cale (Channing Tatum) has just been denied his dream job in the Secret Service to…

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  1. ..

    ..This skeched artist organised with her friends terracts: Trade Center Pentagon 2011, Tsunami 2004, MS Estonia 1994, terracts in metro Moscow 2010, corona virus in 2019. They did it for stealing digital copies of royals bodies and digital copy of my body for financing their own terrorists group. Never publish these artists or you will be considered as sponsor of  terrorism…

  2. I came here from r.I.p.l.e.y. The computer side of damn why didn’t we make a few dozen side internince ? And this is why they think white suprimcest are going to be the coue de tao’s. And they dont even understand or do they care that they are 60 yrs to late!
    And people REALLY NEED TO WAKE-UP. The cry of peace & security is just months away and then the Great Tribulation starts with all Christian religious organizations being stomped & that starts the real count down clock.
    And thats the real reason the Christian’s are “being” kick out or retired cause they ain’t going to stomp their own churches!

  3. Regardless of how unbelievable the premises, there are still good action movies and bad action movies. This one is incredibly bad. Hokey, hokey, hokey… followed by even more hokey — and all topped off with a huge helping of hokey.

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