1. Yeah I'm getting sick of making excuses for Dak Prescott. I understand the defenses banged up but a lot of teams have injuries. I understand Dak Prescott puts up good stats but a lot of that's against garbage teams. I always stick up for Dak Prescott . But he's getting paid like one of the better quarterbacks in the league he had multiple chances to end the Jacksonville game now we're worried he's going to lose to the eagles backup quarterback. Alls I know is if you can't beat them without hurts you're not going to beat them with hurts. I'm just tired of making excuses get it done I don't care about your stats

  2. This game is clearly fixed for the cowboys, I don't believe Hurts is injured, this is all set up to get the cowboys in the playoffs and then when they play again in the playoffs the media will make a big deal about Hurts and Dak playing against each other since one or the other was injured. Put all your money on the cowboys the fix is in

  3. well gardner minshew is an actual starter, cooper rush has always been a back up, and eagles still have a superteam so they have no excuse if they lose

  4. 😂Eagles fans wana act like they dont care if the Cowboys win,y'all CARE you dam scum suckas ! I wish Hurts was playing bcuz has he ever beat Dak🤔? I think Dak is 7-3 vs the Eagles dam I can't wait to see the game …Merry early Christmas every1 & Go COWBOYS💪🤠

  5. Cowboys not only have to win this game…but they have to win by 9 or more,cause if they beat this eagles team by a couple of points, an eagles team without their starting QB…

    You can believe eagles will know in their minds and in their hearts that they are the better team and will win in the playoffs if they happen to meet!
    And if Dallas loses … seasons over!

  6. If the Cowboys lose this game. The Cowboys defense plays well, the run game is working well, and Dak throws an INT or two. What excuses will Swagu and the rest make for Dak? Stay tuned!

  7. Stevie Ray can you answer me why nobody's talking about the Willie McGinnis interested in him jumping this guy in the restaurant and it's nice restaurant with a whole bunch of other fellas I wonder why I ain't nothing been said I ain't heard on no no TV analyst or nothing say shit about anytime a basketball player somebody do something y'all always come out with it and run the shit out of it but I don't understand why the hell wouldn't be getting his

  8. Miles Sanders & Boston Scott.

    Why on earth wouldn't you name our (the eagles) RBs as the big playmakers? I'd say, Miles Sanders and Boston Scott should be the big playmakers. Dallas can't stop the run, so… Yeah, why would our WRs be the big playmakers?

  9. I had us losing to Dallas all year just cause it's in Jerry world. Doesn't mean they will.make it further than us come playoff time. 1 seed or not I believe in this team

  10. I’m a DC4L but to be honest the team will never win a SB again if Jerry and his ignorant son keep making all the decisions 🤷🏻‍♂️bring sean Payton fast paycut Dak zeke just to start

  11. funny thing is that IF the cowgirls win, eagles fans can just use the same excuse cowgirls did after the first game 😆😆😆😆

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