Why Apple is ending the iPhone in 2023


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  1. Within the next generation or two, mobiles will inevitably go the way of corded phones. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with, in the next few years! I'm not sure though, if I will be getting any of the first gen headsets… will have to see on that!

  2. I have Glaucoma and I am also basically blind in My left eye,(I see colors and blur) out of My left eye> Apple being a "We don't care about minorities" company isn't going to be very friendly to people with disabilities, (I don't know as they are right now anyway) I guess what I am trying to say is; SCREW APPLE and BUY A TESLA if they ever come out! Why aren't people with disabilities bringing a class action suit against APPLE anyway?

  3. First it’s to bulky, second when they become eyewear the camera lens has to be small and from what’s been happening since the beginning is that the camera lens are getting bigger and need more space for better lens , and eye wear will have to be bulky and ugly , there is no way they can make eye wear look nice with good cameras

  4. apple users be fractured with next device sometimes for example earjack been removed some are not happy without earjack to use phone calls and app video services including music services.

  5. I don’t mind the folding phones. What I do mind is the other companies charges $2000 for the fold style. Which means Apple will most likely be $2200 for a PHONE.

  6. I think the iPhone will still be around just probably only two models this way they could expand their market its convenient enough the problem,s I see that is such a major shift I'm not wearing a helmet or glasses just not for me I remember when they said the apple watch can replace the iPhone horrible idea you would lose way to much people would walk away if this was the case time will tell

  7. Steve Job said himself “It Just Works “ all the new stuff you talk about is just messing with something that works. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

  8. I don’t think the classes will sell much for every day used,there is a reason why people ware contracts and get eye corrective surgery and is not to wear eyeglasses.

  9. eventually yes but I see this 4 to 6 years in the future. example electric cars from fuel cars been talked about for years same scenario in my opinion

  10. As an S22 Ultra user the the glass slab has outlived its innovative use. I will move to folding form factor with my next purchase. I like the flip more than the fold because of the compact form.

  11. How would you play games that don’t have vr support? Will it just put a screen on anything that’s like around the shape the device needs to be? Like Imagine playing roblox on you frosted flakes

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