1. After today game, we can see how strong we are, 2×0 that could be at least 4×0, against an adversary that is no slouch either, Serbia is a much stronger team than Iran, Australia, Costa Rica, EUA, Gana and etc, in my opnion the strongest start for a favourite to win despite the final score not reflecting that. É ESSE ANO QUE O HEXA VEM, AQUI É BRASIL CARALHO.


  3. I love the way you expert creators do what you do. Surely as such you should be able to tell coaches of the other teams how to combat such superior teams or may be they will do it themselves

  4. This is the first time in 40 very bitter history (speaking of 1982) where Brasil has a team so full of stars where there is one center piece with Neymar but he's in a field with incredible players who have decided games. Let's just take one step at a time – it's seven games before calling anything. Lets wait till the next (hopefully) seven wins AND THEN we can relish.

  5. Congrats. Your analises predicted the first choise eleven's Tite on their oppening game. Vini was the surprise with Paqueta making a mid along side casemiro.

  6. We are a favourite but i am not really sure we can win the WC, but yes, we are way stronger than argentina. We have a record of 4 or 5 wins against Saudi Arabia, and argentina has 2 wins, 2 draws and one lost game, see, scientificaly proven. It's true, trust me.

  7. But after the last two teams, what I want to see is how these teams will stand against the extremely passionate and aggressive press-getball-attack quick plan of Asian teams this year.

    Argentina and Germany both caught off guard

  8. i think it's important to mention that South America's national teams are currently as iffy as I can remember when fawning over the fact that the best Brasil team for awhile has only conceded 9 in their last 30. Some of their usual bigger rivals are in a waning phase at the moment, for sure.

  9. dude, as a brazillian, this is the most accurate analysis I've seen.. sure we'll take a closer look on how brazil's team plays the first game against a heavy defensive/long pass team as Serbia to them, and maybe, get aware of the favoritism

  10. Great video and great analysis. I believe this is the strongest Brazilian side since 2002. As a proud Brazilian I hope we can bring this world cup home.

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