William Grabbed Collar, Threw Me To The Ground: Prince Harry’s Book


William Grabbed Collar, Threw Me To The Ground: Prince Harry’s Book

The story will appear in Harry’s new memoir, “Spare,” which will be released this month (file)

Britain’s Prince Harry described in his new book how he was physically “attacked” by his older brother Prince William during an argument in 2019, the Guardian reported on Wednesday.

According to the newspaper, the story of the incident appears in Harry’s new memoir, “Spare,” which will be published later this month amid an ongoing feud within the British royal family.

Harry, 38, wrote that during a disagreement in the kitchen of his London home, William called his wife Meghan Markle “difficult”, “rude” and “rubbing” as the pair continued to argue, before The Guardian tackled him to the ground. said

“He grabbed me by the collar, tore off my necklace and he threw me to the floor. I landed in the dog bowl, which cracked under my back, shards cutting into me,” the Guardian said, citing Harry’s book.

Harry then asked his older brother to leave. William looked “remorseful and apologetic,” Harry thinks, according to the newspaper.

The daily quoted an exchange between the two princes from the book: William “chilled back: ‘There’s no need to tell Meg about it.’

‘You mean you attacked me?’

“I didn’t attack you, Harold,” William replied, seeming to use a nickname for Harry.

The latest revelation about the brothers’ troubled relationship comes as their father, King Charles, prepares for his coronation in May following the September death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, aged 96.

Harry and Meghan, 41, lifted the lid on their experiences in the British royal family in a Netflix docuseries last month about the reasons for their stunning 2020 departure to North America.

In it, they blamed their illness on racist media reports and tabloid harassment, some of which they claimed the family had instigated.

Their move to California, Meghan’s home state, has made the two unpopular in Britain, where the media often portrays them as selfish.

In excerpts from a television interview with ITV in the UK and CBS in the US this week ahead of the book’s release, Harry said he wanted “a family, not an institution.”

“I want my father back. I want my brother back,” Harry said.

(Except for the headline, this story was not edited by NDTV staff and appeared on a syndicated feed.)

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