World Cup Preview: Brazil is Historically Good

Qualifying for the World Cup in South America is incredibly difficult. It is a very long process in hostile environments with few interruptions of…

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  1. (Im seeing this video after the first match that Brazil had with Serbia)
    I think its kinda funny and ironic that Richarlison's name appeared like one or two times on this video, most because he did 2 goals for Brazil and won the game, just pointing something that i think its fun not saying he is wrong or anything, great video btw

  2. Well, the brazilian formation today worked against Serbia! 2-0 Brazil 🇧🇷 Both goals from Richarlisson. I certain it is the beautiful goal from the entire Cup until now

  3. brazil have a very good back line, with 2 greats central backs ( Marquinhos and Thiago Silva *C*) and militao for any injured, if needed. 2 defensive lateral back ( alexandro and danilo) that will not atack to much because of the very offensive lineup from mid and atack, the LB’s will have a defensive position,

    casemiro starting the mid with Lucas paqueta, neymar as central atack midfielder with free roam,

    The atack is with vini on the left and raphinha in the right, two good player to open de field for brasil team and to go 1×1 against the defense, and richarlison as central forward, he gave good numbers with brazil jersey.

    So brasil will be playing 4–3-3, but atacking in 3-4-3.

    Brazil have a very good bench,
    militao, fabinho, bruno guimarães, anthony, gabriel magalhães, pedro, jesus and rodrygo. they will give not only a intensity in brazil game as we are able to have 5 subst but, give diferent game plans, depending on the circumstance of the game qnd the strategy and line up of the adversary, not only diferents players in the bench to change the game but lucas paqueta too, that can go for the left wing and then fred or guimarães plays with casemiro , this is the more defensive line up of brazil

    A player to watch is Pedro. he have a very good potencial and very unique.

  4. I'm brazilian and you believe in Brazil more than me. Although, the first world cup I watched was 1994 and Brazil wasn't favorite, but won nonetheless. So I hope you are right.

  5. Neymar is going to play like mad, print that shit, hes playing as a SA/atacking midfielder, kinda like Firmino in Liv, Vinícius and Raphinha/Antony in the front, this Cup not even France is going to match us up

  6. Nothing bothers me more than people who call Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo. Ronaldo is Ronaldo Fenômeno, Ronaldinho is Ronaldinho and Cristiano Ronaldo is Cristiano Ronaldo.

  7. There is no way south america is the hardest qualifying round in the world.
    Now, the real problem is when you talk about talent "position for position", because that's where Brazil problem is, its a a great squad full of talent, but with an absurd lack of variety. Look at Brazil squad and try to figure out what is their defense and midfield, its absurdly lacklusting. What happened last two world cups? Casimiro or T. Silva couldnt play and suddenly the brazilian defense became shit. The problem with Brazil is that you have too many great players playing the exact same position, you cant have a team of 11 wingers, and right now, half of brazilian squad plays exact the same function, this with the lack of propper testing is extremely worrying.

  8. you are more excited than i am about brazil winning this honestly and i am brazilian hahaha we are very kinda blah about it lots of us came from a generation that saw brazil never lose and the last 4 world cups were a huge let down also bunch of scandals on CBF.. anyways i mean we are passionate about football but we are also rigorous and super critical about our team performance i guess people are not sure or believing we can win this and yea dani alves was a very controversial pick hahaha probably isn’t going to play a lot in my opinion mostly there to put the Youngers in their right mind and he has experience in world cups 😅

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