Xiaomi Redmi 9A Review – Is it worth it?

The review of the affordable Xiaomi Redmi 9A. Check it out at Banggood: https://bit.ly/3jBmVyW or Amazon: https://geni.us/weWTw

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  1. I've had this phone since August. And I hate it. Overtime it's just gotten worse. The onboard space is small. I added an external SD card. However, I cannot access it without a laptop. That makes no sense to me. My phone freezes often. When I type a message on WhatsApp – it freezes. Then I have to restart it. I cannot wait to get rid of it and buy a Huawei again.

  2. Let me say something funny at this time price of this phone in Turkey is 3400 lira and monthly salary is 5500!!!
    Imagine how bad is inflation in Turkey.

  3. Good phone. Cheap. If you can flash a custom rom, it will be a dream phone. Good battery life. Fast charging. Screen doesn't even crack if drop. Fast performance thanks to mediatek helio. Storage 32GB is fine for me. Overall i give this phone a 10/10. Simply amazing.

  4. Bought this phone as the cheapest one in the store after my phone was stolen on a vacation, thinking this would just be a temporary alternative until I get back home. 2 months later I'm still rolling with it. It is pretty slow sometimes & it glitches now and then, but it's a lot more than I expected for the price. My biggest surprise is definitely the camera, I didn't expect it to be as good, though low-light photography is pretty bad. All-in-all, it was a positive surprise actually.

  5. Today is 2022 19 September. I was buy Redmi 9A in 2021 12 July. When i was buy my first phone, i was so happy. In first 1-2 months everything was work fantastic. But after 3 months my phone was start freezing in small games. Example: Brawl Stars and stumble guys. I seed: Its not problem, every phones sometimes is freezing. Freezing- Bugging in games and not only. And for today i cant play games on this phone. I was don't drop it and i care it so much. I think problem is bad proccesor and storage. Better is buy Poco or other Redmi, but not Remdi 9A. Don't buy it and spend money in water!

  6. Nice review. My wife called me today and asked if I could get her a new phone. I said no honey that will have to wait. I just ordered it online moments ago after watching this and plan to surprise her with it lol.

  7. Great phone for such a low cost. The camera is amazing for such a budget phone and the body feels heavy and solid. Selfie camera is also outstanding. I upgraded from an iPhone 7 Plus. The battery power is also remarkable. It can last an entire day into the next, unless I am viewing a lot of LIVES/VIDEOS, or taking too many pictures with flash. Videos seem to burn more power though.

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