Zac Taylor’s wife, Sarah, gathering well-wishes for Damar Hamlin


CINCINNATI — Shows of support around Cincinnati Damar Hamlin Now includes a major effort involving his wife Bengal Coach Jack Taylor.

Sarah Taylor is leading a charge of Cincinnati grade-school students writing get-well cards to protect Bill, who is hospitalized at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

About 40 schools have written well wishes for Hamlin, who suffered a cardiac arrest during Monday’s game. Cincinnati Bengals And Buffalo Bill.

The effort for the Hamlin letter originated at Cardinal Pacelli, the Catholic school where Taylor’s four children attend.

School principal Terry Santo said the efforts of Taylor and those around the area are not surprising.

“The city of Cincinnati really rallies around issues and events, and this is an example of how this tragic event happened, but a lot of positivity came out of it,” Cento told ESPN.

Cento said an email was sent to parents Tuesday about plans to send letters to Hamlin.

Hamlin showed”Significant improvement“As he suffered a cardiac arrest and recovered his heartbeat on the field after a tackle, the team announced Thursday.

When students returned from Christmas break on Wednesday, efforts to write positive notes to Hamlin went into full swing, Canto said. Most teachers used religious class time to write cards.

On social media, Taylor let people know that he is working with as many schools as possible to collect cards for Hamlin.

As of Monday night, Jack and Sarah Taylor, who was not available for comment Thursday, are among those who have expressed concern for Hamlin and his family in the wake of the incident.

Hours after Hamlin was taken to the facility less than 4 miles from Pecor Stadium, Cincinnati’s fourth-year coach was seen heading to the hospital.

“Obviously we’re pulling for the asphalt,” Taylor said in an opening statement to reporters Wednesday, his first comments since the game was suspended. “Hopefully the most positive outlook and looking forward to him seeing all the support he’s getting from his team, his community, people around the league, his family. It’s going to be a great day when he’s able to see that.”

In addition to the support provided by the Bengals, people around Cincinnati continue to pay tribute to Hamlin as he continues to receive treatment under intensive care. Like the rest of the country, the Bengals stadium is lit up in blue. Several notable buildings in downtown Cincinnati did the same.

Bengals quarterback Joe Baro praised Taylor’s actions as the incident unfolded.

“I was proud to play for a guy like Jack at that point,” Burrow said. “He handled it as well as you can in that position, as well as, you know, medical professionals, doctors and coaches on both sides.”


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