Zephyrus G14 Review – Most Powerful CPU in Thin & Light Laptop! Good Gamer Too! RTX 2060

The Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 with the Ryzen 9 4900HS and RTX 2060 Max-Q offers insane performance for a thin and light laptop under 4 lbs. It beats laptops that weigh twice as much CPU power, and yet it can still play games very well too. It’s not the best value for money gaming machine out there, but I’d say it’s the best performance per lb machine I’ve tested to date. Enjoy the review! Check out my written review of the laptop at: http://gizmoslip.tech
Link to Zephyrus G14 on Bestbuy: https://go.magik.ly/ml/z9md/
Link to Zephyrus G14 on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2UHdyUr
Disagreement: http://discord.gg/gizmoslip

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  1. I just want to make sure I can edit 4k video on this while running Premiere Pro. I dont game. But the specs seem sufficient for heavy video editing, Would I be correct? Would appreciate feedback. Thank you!

  2. This isn't boxing, I don't care about the performance/price per pound. I wan't to know performance..period. Performance per dollar seems a lot more logical than per pound

  3. A deal breaker for me is how high I gotta turn up the brightness to be able to see. By the time I turn it up to see I am out of battery in a short time. And the keyboard does get too hot for me to rest my palms while typing. That puts additional strain on my wrists. Dealbreaker!

  4. @12:13 Gizmo speaks about charging the laptop through the 65W USB charge to get power for as much as 20 hours. Sorry folks I bought one of these for video editing but don't know much about laptop tech….can you help me understand what he meant and how do I charge to get that through the USB port. Thanks

  5. somehing is wrong with your measurment of heat profiles. Check with Lisa on mobile tech review, she did not get that kind of heat with her test and I ususlly rely on her reveiws as spot on

  6. hey the Helios, has substandard keyboard, mediocre trackpad, etc, I never understood all the hype about the Helios. I like closer to a complete package, nice screen, very nice keyboard and trackpad because I type a lot and I am on the go, so a moust is not always handy. A very nice screen, short of 4k is fine, and not a lot heat and throttling. This laptop beats the helios hands down overall.

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