Zero Carb Foods (And no sugar) For Rapid Fat Loss With Keto With Health Coach Tara

You’ll be surprised at some foods that aren’t low-carb foods because food labeling rules allow companies to label foods with less than 0.5 carbs per serving as zero carbs. What do you say!!??? Labeling rules also allow companies to label a food “contains a negligible amount of carbohydrates” if the product contains less than 1 g of carbohydrates per serving. This video will empower you to remove the hidden carbs in your food that may be holding you back from getting the fast fat loss keto diet you deserve. Plus, Health Coach Tara shares how to check each food to find out its true carb count. Comment and share what surprised you and any questions you have. We read and respond to all of our comments. Zero Carb Foods Blog: Cronometer:
All of our recipes are available in Cronometer if you are a Gold member and a friend requests me at via Cronometer. Click here to get a 10% discount on Cronometer Gold or try it out with a free account. Health Coach Tara Approved Products: Avocado Oil
coconut oil
Bread Cheese (halloumi)
Kettle & Fire Bone Broth
Pili nuts
Macadamia nuts

Coconut Aminos
Bragg’s Liquid Amino Acids
More in the blog post TIMESTAMPS (see blog post for more info) 00:00 – Start 00:18 – Federal dietary guidelines 01:11 – Health coach Tara’s zero carb food list 01:27 – When to use a low carb food list 02:27 – Fats and oils 03:24 – Eggs 03:36 – Meat 04:23 – Seafood 05:28 – Cheese and dairy products 07:14 – Broth 07:43 – Nuts 07:58 – Vegetables 08 :22 – Sauces, syrups and glazes 09:43 – Best way to follow 11:20 – The best research tip Did you know we have a website full of great keto tools created based on questions from viewers like you? ➡️ Keto Shopping List Tear Off Pad ➡️ 30 Day Keto Planners (Great for Beginners) ➡️ Deluxe (90 Days) Keto Planners (For Long-Term Ketonians) ➡️ Inspirational Journals (Lined & Bullet Journals) ➡️ The Keto Cupcake Cookbook Discover them all at

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  1. I hope you enjoy this video about Zero Carb Foodsd For The Keto Diet

    Here's a link to our Zero Carb Foods Blog where you'll find all these things listed out:

    All of our recipes are available as "Custom Recipes" in Cronometer if you are a Gold member and friend request me at through Cronometer. Click here to save 10% off of Cronometer Gold or try it out with a free account. Sign up here:

  2. I find very confusing to see the amount of carbs expressed in grams and the weight of servings in ounces, as it's told in 5:14 "3-4 grams carbs for a 3.5 ounce service". Wouldn't it be easier to keep the same units and say it like "3-4 grams carbs for a 100 grams service"?

  3. 1. fats and oils
    2. eggs
    3. meat
    4. seafood ( not imitation crab meat). mackerel, salmon and sardines. get no pre-marinade seafood because marinade has sugar.
    5. cheese and dairy- muenster, Colby jack, edam,swiss, gouda and cheddar ( only 1/2 g carb per serving) . aged cheeses like Parmesan, Asiago and Romano. Soft cheeses have 1 g. carb per serving, like cream cheese, mozzarella, bread cheese( Halloumi). Cottage cheese has 3-4 g. per ounce. buy full fat cottage cheese. heavy whipping cream. sour cream is .7-1g. of carbs per serving. read the labels
    6. broth- Kettle and Fire bone broth.
    7. nuts – Pili and macadamia nuts – are the lowest.
    8. low carb vegetables- arugula, bokchoy, celery, cucumber, lettuce and leafy greens ( iceberg, romaine, butter leaf, kale and Swiss chard ) – all have less than 1 gram total carb per serving.
    9. sauces, syrups and glazes- Primal kitchen and Sir Kensington. Mustard and vinegar. Mayonnaise and aioli. ketchup and barbecue sauce – find a low carb one and use sparingly because even the sugar free ones have carbs. Syrups and glazes – keto ones. Always check the labels though for all of them, even for your favorite brands. use coconut aminos or Bragg's liquid aminos to avoid the wheat in regular soy sauce.

  4. Thank you so much! I'm recently back to keto and trying to find my sweet spot with daily net carbs. I just downloaded Cronometer after hearing your recommendation and have a feeling this will be the answer to my problems of late. My Fitness Pal is an Amazing tool but there is not a close enough eye being kept on the calculations that any user can add, so although I try to keep track of my own labels, I know that there are just a few tweaks that Cronometer (and finding your videos) will help me figure out to stay at a perfect level of ketosis! Thanks again

  5. I lost 15 pounds on a vegetarian diet and then I want on the keto diet and lost 15 more pounds now I'm at the gym 5 times a week and walking my dog for 3 miles a day I'm in my sixties and I've never been so healthy in my life ..thank you so much for being a huge Part of helping me achieve my goals..May God bless ALL of you strong and tough people for doing this keto lifestyle as it was hard at the beginning. Now friends and families are asking how I was able to loose fat and I pointed them to yours and other keto trainers and chefs YouTube channels.

  6. I’m commenting thanks for teaching my about chronometer I’m still trying to figure out how to use. Will have to watch your classes again help since I’ve been playing with it

  7. What is a carb ? We are told that an egg has 0.6 carbs. I thought maybe the word carb was being invoked as an alternative to grams of carbohydrate but Google says a large egg has 0.36g of carbohydrates so does this mean a carb is 0.6g of carbohydrates (from 0.36/0.6 = 0.6) or what ? I've never seen this nomenclature used before. It is hard to draw lessons from a video when the units are not defined.
    I'm at a loss to know what to think.

  8. I eat sour cream every day sometimes in both of my meals. It’s replaced a lot of things like ranch dressing and mayo for me. And the one I get at Food Lion is less than 2g carbs for 3 tablespoons! Which is plenty for whatever I’m eating!

    Also, I found using 2-3 types of lettuce in my salads make it nicer and also cutting the lettuce up like shredded makes it less messy and longer into eat lol. I like 2oz iceberg, 1.5-2 oz green leaf and 1-1.5 oz red leaf (gives it some color and that’s in order from most to least carbs lol). With some Walden Farms honey Dijon mustard dressing, sour cream of course lol, usually extra lean ground turkey and if I can afford the calories I add feta cheese (or if I can really afford it I like cheddar but I only use it if I can REALLY use it, like 1/2 cup lol), and also if I have calories to spare I love adding these cheddar crisps that are Taco Bell brand to use as crouton substitute!

  9. Hello Tara, Thank you for all the informative keto videos and resources. I have started keto recently and have had reasonable results. Have learnt a lot from watching your videos to incorporate changes to my keto diet. I am lacto-vegetarian which makes keto just a bit harder but, managing to get through. Just a suggestion, if you could do a keto video for vegans/vegetarians, it would be great.

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